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Hon'ble CM's Message

Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

This is not just an introductory note for one of the most important sector but it is also an opportunity to reiterate my commitments to the people of Madhya Pradesh and the investors in this state.

It is the responsibility of our generation to ensure that the future generations not only enjoy the nature but also the green power harnessed from it. To achieve this objective, it is a sincere endeavour of my Government to significantly enhance the contribution of Renewable Energy in the state for sustainable development. This is not my vision, but vision of every individual in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

It is the responsibility of every official and non-official to facilitate promotion and growth of Renewable Energy in Madhya Pradesh. Energy is the most critical component for the growth of our economy.

Agriculture, industry, health, tourism, and other infrastructure are dependent on availability of energy. As the demand of non-renewable resources is increasing, the energy from renewable sources will be critical.

As the Chief Minister of state, it is my responsibility to create conducive environment for promotion of Renewable Energy.

Our aim is to transform Madhya Pradesh to be the leading state in power generation from Renewable sources of energy.

In this endeavour, we invite all the developers to come to the state for setting up Renewable Energy based power generation projects in Solar, Wind, Biomass and Small-Hydel field.

My government has already come up with a slew of new investor friendly Policies, to facilitate setting up power projects based on Renewable Energy sources. The state will work in tandem with the investors to take further steps as required for speedy exploitation of Renewable Energy potential.

The government will ensure that appropriate incentives are extended. We are confident that the availability of required energy will also boost infrastructure and market development in the state, especially for manufacturing and food processing industries.

It is important that whatever we take from Mother Nature, we need to conserve it. We are also committed to Energy Conservation. A high-level committee, of senior officials would revisit all Energy Conservation measures taken by state governments, which are currently in place.

The findings and suggestions of this committee would be guiding us in preparing a roadmap for Energy Conservation efforts in Madhya Pradesh. These measures will help our state to become the leading state in Energy Conservation in the country.

This is just the first step in harnessing the huge potential for Renewable Energy in the state. More efforts will follow to keep up this momentum that need not be just Policy and its effective execution, but will also include active participation of people, entrepreneurs companies and other stakeholders in Renewable sector.

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