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New & Renewable Energy Department

With the growing concern for country's energy security, the role of new and Renewable Energy has been assuming increasing significance in recent times. India has a vast supply of Renewable Energy resources and has one of the largest programs in the world for deploying Renewable Energy products and systems. As on 30 June, 2012, the installed power generation capacity of India is reported to be around 2,05,340.26 MW. Renewable Energy installed capacity constitutes around 12% (24,832.68 MW) of the total installed capacity. Despite growth in supply, our power systems are struggling to overcome severe power shortages and poor power quality. A large basket of sustainable energy technologies and measures will be needed to address the challenges of moving towards clean, reliable, secure and competitive energy supply. A number of favorable policies and incentive structure have been introduced in India, both at central as well as state level, so as to promote new and Renewable Energy in the country. Renewable Energy sources and technologies have made considerable progress in the recent past, but obstacles remain and greater efforts are needed.

The current energy requirement in the state of Madhya Pradesh is heavily dependent on conventional energy sources. The Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) acknowledges the increasing issues related to climate change, global warming and has recognised the urgent need to address these issues. The promotion of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation are key measures taken by GoMP in this direction. Today new and Renewable Energy is increasingly becoming an integral part of energy security initiative in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Based on this green initiative, GoMP has notified the final promotional policies for all the four Renewable Energy technologies (Solar, Wind, Small Hydro and Biomass), Madhya Pradesh Energy Conservation Fund Rules and other directives for the efficient use of energy, its conservation in state.

The New and Renewable Energy Department (NRED) is the nodal Ministry of the Government of Madhya Pradesh for all matters relating to new and Renewable Energy. The broad aim of the Department is to develop and deploy Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation measures for supplementing the energy requirement of the state. The structure of the New & Renewable Energy Department is presented below:

NRE Department Diagram

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