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Small Hydro

Hydro power is a renewable, economical, non-polluting and environmentally-benign source of energy.


Hydro-electric plants are characterized by a huge variation in size of the generating units, with unit sizes ranging from a few kilowatts to several thousand megawatts. In India, hydro electric projects with capacity up to 25 MW are classified as under Renewable E projects. An estimated potential of about 15,000 MW of Small Hydro Power projects exists in India. The state of Madhya Pradesh has an estimated potential of 740 MW for small hydro-based generation. The New & Renewable Energy Dept. is committed to promote the development of hydro-electric potential available in the state, with the intent to leverage the private sector participation for the development of Small Hydro Projects.

The state government has notified a revised policy for development of Small Hydro Power projects in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which effectively addresses the process for project allotment taking into consideration the changed legal and regulatory framework governing electricity generation/distribution and making the process more transparent and objective.

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