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Wind power as a source of energy is non-polluting, environment-friendly and has a shorter gestation period when compared to conventional power.

Developer-wise Installed Capacity

Sr.No. Name of Developers Project location Capacity
1 M/s Kalani Industries Ltd., Indore Dewas, Dist. Dewas 1.84
2 M/s Goetze Financial Services, New Delhi Jamgodrani, Dist. Dewas 5.98
3 M/s Dhar Automotives Pvt. Ltd., Indore Jamgodrani, Dist.Dewas 0.23
4 M/s Enercon India Ltd., Mumbai Nagda, Dist Dewas 9.60
Ratedi, Dist. Dewas 89.60
5 M/s MP Wind Farm Ltd., Bhopal Nagda, Dist. Dewas 15.00
Jamgodrani, Dist. Dewas 13.05
6 M/s NEPC India Ltd Sujapur, Dist. Ratlam 4.95
7 M/s SE Energy Park Ltd., Pune Jaora, Dist. Ratlam 4.80
8 M/s Pioneer Wincon Ltd., Chennai Jaora, Dist. Ratlam 4.00
9 M/s Southern Wind Farms Ltd. Chennai Piploda, Dist. Ratlam 6.00
10 M/s Suzlon Energy Ltd., Pune Nagda, Dist Dewas 12.50
Palsodi, Dist Ratlam 48.30
Jaora, Dist. Ratlam 14.40
Gopalpura, Dist Ratlam 4.80
Mamatkheda, Dist Ratlam 16.80
Mahuria, Dist. Shajapur 54.00
Behpur, Dist Mandsaur 4.80
11 M/s Suzlon InfrastructureLtd., Pune Nagda, Dist Dewas 3.05
12 Demonstration project Kheda, Dist Dhar 0.59
Total Capacity(MW) 314.29
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