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Wind power as a source of energy is non-polluting, environment-friendly and has a shorter gestation period when compared to conventional power.


An estimated potential of around 48,500 MW of grid-interactive Wind power projects exists in India (considering sites having Wind power density greater than 200 W/sq. m at 50 m hub-height with 1% land availability in potential areas for setting up Wind farms @12 ha/MW). The Indian Renewable Energy (RE) market has been dominated by Wind projects, constituting around 60% of the total installed RE capacity.

C-WET data suggests that at 80 m and 50 m hub-height, an estimated potential of 2,931 MW and 920 MW exists in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has been encouraging Wind power as an additional, alternate source of energy and has notified an investor friendly policy for the development of Wind power projects in the state. Further, the New & Renewable Energy Department has initiated an extensive Wind resource assessment program with support from MNRE. The data from wind monitoring stations in Madhya Pradesh is available at Click here download PDF Document

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